Firm Profile

Since 2008, The Perkins Company has represented and advocated for clients at all levels of government. Regardless of strategy, the best representation is based on the same core principles: honesty, respect and determination. Whether shepherding a bill through the legislature, building coalitions around a client’s goals or just keeping an eye on that political atmosphere, The Perkins Company will bring these principles to the table each and every time.

Honesty in all our dealings is paramount. While we obviously protect all of our clients privileged information, the key to anybody’s legitimacy in a negotiation is that their word can be trusted. We have worked tirelessly to build and maintain trust-based relationships with lawmakers, regulators and our colleagues to ensure we can be effective for our clients.

This honesty extends to conflicts of interest. We work diligently before taking on a new client to deal with any potential conflicts before they arise.

In the last decade, lobbyists have gotten a bad rap and – in many cases – rightfully so. Citizens have been confronted by stories of hubris amongst the lobby corps, nationally and locally. It is clear that, somewhere along the line, some people in this business lost respect for the institutions it is their job to lobby. At The Perkins Company, we stress this respect for institutions, its members and the other people with whom we interact as a cornerstone of our business.

Honesty and respect on their own are next to meaningless without the determination to service our clients and get the work done. The Perkins Company is ready and equipped to do the research, build the coalitions and conduct the education required to accomplish our clients’ goals. Often, Lobbyists have to get up-to-speed on issues affecting a client in short order, or quickly become experts on foreign issues. The Perkins Company is always ready to build our repertoire and put in the hours to accomplish our clients’ goals.

As a result of the honesty, respect and determination we bring to the table, clients and lawmakers all turn to The Perkins Company for counsel and education. We take our duty to these individuals seriously, and we look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of work we bring to the table.